Hunting Package 2

 Live – Walk - Hunt

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Family hunting holiday

 from 7 days

 up to 3 persons



Arrival: From 14:00 hrs introduction and discussion of the hunt.
Evening highseat hunting:  From 17:30 hrs start, pick up according to agreement.

 Daily highseat / walked up

From 10:00 hrs start high seat hunt or walked up, possible tour through the hunting

area and feeding (kirrung).

You will be accommodated in one of our holiday homes  
Departure:  Till 10.00 hrs 
You will be staying in one of our holiday homes.  
Included:   7-night stay in fully furnished holiday home for up to 3 persons.        
5 x lunch
3 x 
eavening highseat
2 x daily highseat hunting or walked up under supervision  



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Wild you may spot :

Red deer as occasional wild 

Wold boare

Row deer


Release depending on hunting season and 
 the shooting plan.

There will be extra charges for trophies.

This package costs (for 3 persons, with 1 being the hunter) 550 Euros per week.

Prices subject to change!

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