Driven hunt   1

Saturday 12.11.2016


On this date there will be a hunt on the combined terrain of the Hegegemeinschaft Teufelkanzel, with a total of of 30 hunting areas. Included on top of that are the adjacent hunting areas of Hessen. Because of that the total hunting area that day includes an estimated 13.000 hectare! The hunting area of Stein is surrounded by the other included areas. Dogs and beaters will be used with a focused target.

The hunting guests will be escorted to an appointed area which has been discussed beforehand. Shooting will take place on safe areas such as special driven hunt high seats or open high seats.

Hunting shall take place as soon as the safety on site can be guaranteed.


Day programme

Meeting point: 8:00 hrs Saturday  Restaurant “zur Schmiede“ in Asbach
Be ready for:

8:30 hrs, guests will be escorted to their assigned places

by their group leaders

Begin driven hunt: 10:00 hrs, release the dogs, start of the hunt
End driven hunt: 13:00 hrs, gather up
Lunch:           14:00 hrs, pea soup from the „ Goelashkanon“ (incl.)
Tableau: 15:00 hrs, explain tableau, last honour to the shooten wild
To End: 18:00 hrs, a nice get together with a hot buffet (inc.)

reh 2 tw

Allowed to shootThere will be

extra charges for trophee holders.

Wild boar: Frischlingen and

Uberlaufers up to 50 kg

( No nursing wild boar!)


after verbal agreement


after verbal agreement


Fox, marterhund and racoon

Grand total: 125,00 €/Person
(charges subject to change)!
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